Monday, October 18, 2010

What A Novel Idea

Well, I have been working on my piece of science fiction for some time, and am beginning to lay some groundwork to start on the first part of the novel. I am thinking of writing a few short stories to provide a glimpse of the world in which the novel takes place to introduce the characters and milieu. This will give me a chance to publish them as a test bed for gauging the success of the novel as a whole.

All in all, the hardest part of the process is trying to find the time to do it in. I am a promotional and marketing director as well as a core artist of a fine art gallery. Between that and the actual breadwinner job I have (art isn't doing so well in this economy), I have had little time for my writing until recently.

The book itself is a retro-futuristic novel that explores what could have happened if the steam-powered analytical engine was built with computer technology based on steam power developing from there. Think of the advances in quantum science that we would have had by now if that were possible. For my story, society will have had to come to terms with some grievous errors made in the name of science, leading it to eschew the push for advanced technology (say goodbye to the electrical grid).

Instead, the society in my novel will take a not-so-graceful step back to the drawing board, so to speak, building scientific understand from the ground up based on new principles that are in harmony with environmental needs.

If only it were that simple! There will always be the individuals that do not want to go along with the status quo and for reasons either noble or otherwise, they will work against the societal standards. The conflicts should be interesting.

Part of my writing process is to sketch and paint the world in which the story takes place as a means to express and develop the backdrop. So, I will post my pieces here to help convey what I envision that world to be. Stay tuned...