Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steam Punk in the Cinema Part 1

Whew!! Life has been extremely busy of late. Between classes at the university and a separate web project that I am running, there hasn't been much time to grease the squeaks in the Flash Boiler. Nevertheless, I had to post a few videos that I found recently that all carry the steam punk theme. Instead of popping them up all at once, however, I plan on posting them as a series.

First off, this week's clip is a 2010 Russian film called The Invention of Love. Very dystopian, I hope you like it:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Google honors Thomas Edison

Yet another Google homage to science, the search engine website has spelled their company name with "working" schematics of Thomas Edison's inventions to honor the 164th birthday of the innovative engineer.

Aside from the obvious electric light, can you identify the other contraptions?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Google Pays Tribute to Jules Verne

In a unique layout of their logo, Google opened a window into the steampunk universe on their search engine front page. With interactive features, the logo features a seascape that is framed with Nautilus-like trim. A handle to the right of the logo allows one to rotate the underwater view as if in a submersible. Any with motion sensitive technology in their Chrome or Firefox hand-held browsers can tilt their "Nautilus" to move the scene. As the scene pitches or yaws, dials move on the instrument panel to the left. The custom logo was done in honor of the influential author's birthday. Mr. Verne would have been 183 today.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Steam Sound Machines and Sound Steam Engines

Now that I am settled in after moving 500 miles west, I have started my research again and have found a couple of nice pieces of contributions of video involving steam power and practical applications. From a whimsical entertaining piece of equipment to a whimsical entertainer, here are my latest finds:

Simon Jansen of Auckland, New Zealand, shared his steam-powered record player with Make Magazine online. In the video he provided Make, he is playing the Sex Pistols' rock anthem "God Save the Queen" on an LP with a regulated speed of approximately 33 1/3. A beautiful piece of functional steampunk art! You can see more about his creation on the Make Magazine website.

Next, check out this "webisode" of the now canceled gear-head series, Garage 419, in which Jay Leno takes Matt Farah through his garage and talks to him and his viewing audience about the wonder and efficiency of steam powered motor vehicles.