Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Move in Progress

Due to the recent news that I would be allowed to finish my degree at a University, I have decided to take up the offer. This requires moving the family closer to the campus, so we are in the process of packing everything up in boxes to go on the road.

Moving is such an expensive endeavor, and I would not normally make such a decision; however, several factors have been involved in going through with this:

  1. the University is paying for my tuition to attend there (doesn't include books, but it's still fantastic)
  2. the company I work for is willing to transfer me (and is looking forward to having me there)
  3. the housing arrangements have been taken care of quickly and worry free
  4. and our landlord at our current residence is waiving the lease for remainder of time here (a wonderful gentleman, we are going to miss him).

What does this mean for my book and my research? Merely a change in environment. I am currently halfway through the first short story that will give a background to the complete novel. I am taking a page from the Orson Scott Card "school of writing" and will have chapter headings that parallel the context of the chapters themselves with flashbacks and "little-did-they-knows." I will post when I send it off to a sf mag to review for publication, and if it is accepted, I will reveal which magazine it is appearing in.

Meanwhile, I am a fan of the Food Network Challenge and just saw a really cool episode last night called "Flying Sugar." The competition was to create confectionery "flying machines," and there were some great steampunk-themed designs. Watch the Food Network to see it on October 30th.