Monday, July 4, 2016

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday trailers and Forsaken Fleets Promotional Contest

Contest rules are listed below but, first, check out Star Trek Online's official launch trailers for the latest season coming out this summer, Agents of Yesterday, starring several Star Trek alumni reprising their roles, including characters from the original series:

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday - Official Launch Trailer

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday - Official Announce Trailer
FORSAKEN FLEET CONTEST RULES Now for the Forsaken Black Ops and House of the Forsaken contest rules: Since this guy made such an awesome cosplay outfit from one of my favorite films (just totally incredible the level of craftsmanship he put into it), I just had to use it for our newest Fleet promotional contest. Now, if you guess which film this beastie is from before the release of Agents of Yesterday, reply to the Twitter feed that brought you here with your in game handle, and join us in Star Trek Online, you will be entered into our Fleet promotional sweepstakes. Three (3) winners from the pool of Forsaken Black Ops (Federation fleet) recruits and three (3) winners from the pool of House of the Forsaken (Klingon Fleet) recruits will be selected and awarded 1 million Energy Credits worth of items from any vault in our Fleet Banks. Only 6 winners total this round, but don't worry - we give away stuff like this all the time! Apply to Forsaken Black Ops in Star Trek Online, join our public in-game channel, ForsakenOps, and be part of one of the coolest fleets in the game!

This wonderful costume was designed by Ryan Wells, and featured on the Facebook Page of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts